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Veggie Sandwich

Here is a picture of Lily love. Just because she is cute. And trouble. But cute. Lily loves to eat. Anything. Especially peanut butter.


But back to the veggie sandwich.

We like to eat. A lot. And when we are on vacation, well we eat and indulge, because we can.  Then sadly we woke up and found ourselves not in 70 degree weather, but 110. Sad.

Upon returning from a fun filled, wine filled, food filled vacation in Seattle and Portland, where we treated ourselves to some of the best the Pacific Northwest has to offer, we were craving/needing some fresh good for you food.  What to do? Head to Tower Grove Farmers Market and pick up a plethora of fresh fruit and veggies.

All those goodies and I whipped up this tasty good for you sandwich.

What you need:

1 loaf of bread (used Companion Bakery Kalamata olive loaf)

Fresh goat cheese

Sliced cucumber

Sliced tomato

Spinach or lettuce


What to do:

Slice the bread. Spread goat cheese  and pile remaining ingredients on. Cut and enjoy! Super simple and healthy.


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  1. Made the veggie sandwich today after a trip to the grocery store for some fresh veggies and bread! LOVED IT! Thanks for sharing this recipe Beth!


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